v1.10 Jackfruit

Released 4/6/23
- Add Cart Ride to multiplayer
- Various bugfixes
- Add chat to multiplayer

v1.9 Grape

Released 2/20/23
- Add Dylan DLC
- Various bugfixes
- New splash texts
- Add altimeter to multiplayer

v1.8 Mango

Released 1/2/23
- Remove [redacted] skin due to DMCA takedown request
-Add Banana
- Various bugfixes
- New splash texts

v1.7 Strawberry

Released 10/29/22
- Add dark mode
- Add halloween update
- Move easter egg to make it easier to find
- Various bugfixes

v1.6 Raspberry

Released 10/2/22
- Add Silver skin for Patreon members
- Make password field hidden when signing in
- Add option to change left/right sensetivity
- Add new splash texts
- Other bugfixes and improvements

v1.5 Blueberry

Released 9/24/22
- Reset all save data
- Fix infinite mode glitch
- Reset worldwide highscore
- Change shop prices
- Add/remove/change some codes
- Add new secret skin
- Add new splash texts
- Add [redacted] DLC
- Add Britt Jud DLC

What is this?

This page will contain release notes for every CubeRacers update made after September 2022.